10 Day Photography & Mindfulness Trip in Sinai Desert, Egypt

Nuweiba, Ägypten
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The Desert is a great place of undoing and a great silence. Ideal to slow down from the daily grind.

This is a Photography Workshop where we bring Mindfulness practices in the process of taking pictures to cultivate a healthy mindset and improve your well being. Daily Guided Meditations. Adventure guaranteed. The nomadic way of life.

This is a fantastic opportunity to upskill your photography skills with daily classes and numerous unique desert landscapes to photograph.

Through daily Mindfulness practices with your (phone)camera, you can bring awareness into the present moment and connect with the fundamental wonder of being alive.

Get to experience the desert up close and learn how the Beduins, the nomads of the desert life. Feel like part of the tribe and become a master in camel riding.

Witness breathtaking sunrises, walk among many different rock formations, sing with the Beduins around the campfire, and fall asleep on the sand under the night sky.

The Sinai desert is calling, are you answering?

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Kreativurlaub, Meditation, Wandern, Yoga Retreats, Bewusstsein, Seele, Sinne & Geist, Wellness, Body & Mind, Adventure, Entspannung, Foto und Film, Achtsamkeit, Detox Retreats, Aktivurlaub
Do, 27.04.2023 - Sa, 06.05.2023
10 Tage
Nuweiba, Ägypten
Inklusive Übernachtung

5 Days in the desert, guided by Beduins, three meals a day

4 Days at the Camp Rocksea, Twin Room, Breakfast and Dinner included

Photography Classes, Mindfulness practices and sharing groups

Course Material, Photography manual and Gratitude Journal

Airport transportation


Shared Twin Room

On the Moonside you can find the cafeteria, bungalows & simple huts and a set of women and men’s shared bathroom. The bungalows are individually arranged on a sloped hill. They are situated about 30 m off the sea and are located closer to the restaurant than the Starside-bungalows. The bamboo huts are situated close to the cafeteria and some are directly next to the sea.

The Starside accommodates bungalows, the dome, the clay building and a set of women and men’s shared bathroom. The bungalows are arranged on a plain area in a semicircle, about 30 m away from the sea. They are closer to the street and further away from the restaurant than the Moonside-bungalows.


At the Camp they have a kitchen and prepare delicious vegetarian meals. Don't miss the fresh juices! They make every day yummy. From Pizza, to Shakshuka, to Beduin specialities, they have a lot to choose from. Lunch is not included in the price.

In the desert the Beduins will cook for us three times a day. Simple, yet delicious vegetarian food. Bring your favorite snacks for in between. There might be fish once, if you don't eat meat you can eat the meal without fish.


28. April 2023, 02:00 PM | Arrival at Sharm el Sheikh Airport

Arrive at your destination. The group will be picked up by a private bus and brought to the camp (3h drive).​

28. - 29. April | Camp

The Camp is located in a very unique place between a sandstone mountain and the magnificent Red Sea. Here we will get to know each other and have an introductory workshop on Photography. Excellent food, snorkeling, silence ... Slowing down begins here! It is possible to leave luggage you won't need in the desert in a safe space in the camp.​

30. April - 5. May | Desert Trip with the Beduins

The bus will pick us up at the camp and take us to the desert. Let the magnificence of the Sinai Desert sweep you away. The Beduins, who are familiar with the area, lead the group. 5 days of full desert immersion: We'll travel on camels, explore breathtaking locations for photos, meditate, eat amazing food, sit around the campfire, sing and dance and sleep outdoors under the night sky. The desert becomes your second home.​

5. - 6. May | Back in the Camp

We'll return back to the camp. These last days are all about integrating the experience, sharing, and relaxing. Last but not least we will have a special closing ritual in the dome.​

6. May 2023 | Time to say good bye! Group transportation to the Airport. You have the possibility to book a separate ride at different times at your own costs.


Please arrive on the 28. April before or at 02:00.

If you arrive later we will arrange a private taxi to the camp, at your own expenses.

28. April, around 03:30 | A private bus picks up the group and drives to the Camp

Nueiba, Südsinai, Ägypten, Nuweiba, Südsinai, 46618 Ägypten


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