6 Days Men's Retreat with yoga, workshops, ice bath (Wim Hof) and sweatlodge.

Sydals, Dänemark
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The retreat is designed to take you on a journey of exploration into yourself and what masculinity and brotherhood mean to you. The retreat format means that everything is optional - you can choose to drop into an offering or spend time relaxing, reflecting and exploring the surrounding nature by yourself.
Every morning we offer yoga and meditation. The days then provide a structured variety of workshops, group work, free time, as well as modalities to bring you into your body and out of your mind. We finish most evenings sitting in circle and exploring various themes together.

Join us on the coastline of Southern Denmark, close to Flensburg on the German border.
Instructions will be offered in English and German.

The modern man is full of questions about what it means to be a man today. He receives mixed signals about how to behave and what is expected of him. There are little-to-no examples of healthy, integrated men in positions of power, and many men struggle with questions of meaning and what fulfilment looks like in their lives. As a result, men often struggle to connect to each other and stay silent rather than say the wrong thing.
But men crave more. More depth, more connection with each other and their romantic relationships. Ways to be better partners and fathers, and to have more fulfilling careers. Men want a space to think and reflect. And most of all to drop the outdated roles, and lean into something with more depth, honesty and integrity. This retreat is an opportunity for you to do these things. To relax, connect, and reflect. To come back to your nature, and meet other like-minded men over six days at a beautiful Danish retreat in nature, close to the German border. A chance to step away from your roles and responsibilities, and to explore these themes, as much or as little as you'd like to.

The workshops and circles will work with themes of masculinity, polarity in relationships, authenticity, and the shadow. Our work does not preach a certain way to be, but invites you to explore and inquire, to make your own mind up and find your own unique flavour and expression of healthy, integrated masculinity. These sessions are combined with various movement and somatic practices to help integrate and embody these experiences. To create periods of silence, rest and reflection, but also to open you up, challenge you, and create strong bonds with the men around you.

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Selbstfindung, Kreativurlaub, Detox Retreats, Sauna, Hatha Yoga, SUP (Stand Up Paddling), Aktivurlaub, Coaching, Yoga Retreats, Wellness, Kommunikation
6 Tage
Sydals, Dänemark
Inklusive Übernachtung




Sweat lodge

Wim Hof Ice therapy

Men Circle



Mainly organic vegetarian/vegan. Partly from our own permaculture garden.


Workshops and men's circles
Hatha yoga and yoga Nidra
Pranayama, meditation, and breathwork
Ice bath, sweat lodge, sauna, and nature walks
Free time to relax and enjoy the surroundings
Daily vegetarian/ vegan brunch and dinner
5 nights accommodation


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