Female Calligraphy Elbow Course

Protaras, Zypern
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Oh goddesses, reconnect with your divine core💖 and harmonize your health through the gentle flow of body and breath,

which are in constant motion like the universe.

The magic of Calligraphy Elbows is based on two spiritual pillars:

- A movement that orbits the cosmic Yin/Yang 3D energy ball in your sacred energy center.

- The flowing and connected movement of uninterrupted Chinese calligraphy, reflecting the rhythm of the universe.

This flowing elbow art is reminiscent of painting soul pictures. However, due to the sharp and heavy nature of the elbow strike and the fundamental power behind its execution, it delivers exceptional results for every woman who practices it.🌪

The magical Goddess-Calligraphy Elbow Course offers numerous blessings for well-being:

Restores digestion and hormonal balance🌸

Revives organ health with vitalizing energy flow💞

Nurtures inner strength and develops heavenly flexibility🌌

Aids in the production of your life-giving energy and body coordination⚡️

Centers both physical and mental-spiritual health, creating inner peace and emotional balance🧘

Strengthens self-love and trust in your divine presence✨

Divine well-being🌟:

Teaching Calligraphy Elbows is now a tool for spiritual well-being🌷, especially for you goddesses. This sacred practice draws not from muscular strength but from the energy of your center in the lower abdomen, which comes to life with your heart's energy. It nourishes your inner temple and organs. This dance revitalizes and initiates an inner healing cycle that balances your systems through patience and practice.

Move from your inner temple and your heart and experience the divine energy flowing through you. Revitalize your inner organs in a sacred way. Your divine self-awareness awakens, and you can carry this light into all your daily tasks and challenges. These movements open and cleanse the body, release blockages, and return to the natural divine order.

Your true beauty🌹 is the living, pulsating body in its natural state. With time and practice, this art becomes "no-mind" movements, pure being that illuminates your intuition in daily life. It helps heal inner scars, whether from pregnancies or surgeries, as well as emotional traumas.

This sacred dance💃 brings clarity, peace, and universal joy. It diminishes the shadows of stress and anxieties, leading your essence to a state of balance. This practice resembles the endless flow of a calligraphy brush, unique, powerful, and breathtakingly beautiful.

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Di, 31.10.2023 - Sa, 11.11.2023
10 Tage
Englisch, Deutsch
Anfänger, Fortgeschritten
Protaras, Zypern
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Calligraphy Yoga Einheiten, morgens und abends

Calligraphy Elbow Einheiten, morgens und abends



11 Nights Accommodation in the Villa with Whirlpool close to the Fig Tree Bay.

More information:

- Prices:

1.299,- € (Double Bed Room per Person)
1.899,- € (Double Bed Room single)
1.499,- € (Twin Bed Room per Person)
(early bird price until 14. September 2023, after +299,-€ on the booking)

The price includes: Accommodation, course, drinking water/tea, snacks

- 30% deposit is required to reserve your spot. The balance is due 28 days prior to the retreat.

Recommended airport: Larnaca - Cyprus


31. October
Check -in: After 13:00 we welcome you to the villa.
(Time to get to know us and the other participants better.)

10 days Training 01. November - 10. November 2023

07:00 - 09:00 Morning Practice
In the morning we will start each day with slow and fluidly movements of Calligraphy Health and Calligraphy Elbows.
Through the 3-dimensional movements from the lower Dantian (energy center) we work specifically with the body core connection, internal organs and energy center.
Expand and deepen the understanding in our Calligraphy Health and Calligraphy Elbow Training and the connection between the two to understand the holy principle of Calligraphy through the practice experience.

09:00 - 11:00 Breakfast

Breakfast after the morning practice and to have some time for relax.
(Time to enjoy breakfast whether together with the others in the accommodation or outside, freely selectable for everyone.)

11:00 - 16:00 Lunch and Free Time outside

Time for going outside to the Beach, Country or the City.

Crystal clear water and fine sandy beach awaits you.
The water temperatures are still ideal to get in, take your swimsuit with you!
Possibilities to dive and/or snorkel on site, the diving center is not far from us...
...and with a little luck you might see one of the sea turtles on site.

16:00 - 18:00 Evening Practice
In the evening we will perform calligraphy elbows with more flow and more power.

More connected with the martial arts background and and to awaken your inner power.
So the combinations of Calligraphy Elbows will be like a kind of 3 dimensional writing/signature.
Fast, powerful, yet relaxed and soft in its movement....
...like the water itself.

18:00 - 20:00 Dinner and Free Time

In the evening we have the opportunity to cook (vegetarian) and eat together, or go to one of the restaurants in the city.

Free time and the possibility to sit together in the evening.

10. November - 11. November

The 10. November is our last day of the Course, but not last day of practice...
...now you have material to practice and to continue in your own routine.
You would like to continue your Training with us?...
...we will be happy to help you in your further practice.
Ask us and contact us fore the possibilities.

After our last Training at 18:00 we have time for a last dinner together and spend time together before the Course finish.

Check - out is before 14:00 on 11. November 2023.


Kostenlose Stornierung

Volle Rückerstattung für Stornierungen, wenn das Check-in-Datum noch mindestens 30 Tage in der Zukunft liegt.

Teilweise Rückerstattung

50% Rückerstattung für Stornierungen, die mindestens 14 Tage vor dem Check-in erfolgen.

non-binding individual interview

Get to know more about the Course and
Flowing Principles

...whether the course is something for you and maybe you would like to try your first Training and some moves with Christian together...


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ab 1.800 € / 10 Tage

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Dieses Retreat wird auf keiner anderen Plattform billiger angeboten.

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