Retreat Casa Momo

Andalusien, Spanien


You are cordially invited to join us in the Andalusian Mountains!

At 1450 metres, the water is lapping, the birds are chirping and there is a beautiful view of the sea. Time seems to stand still in the mountains of La Alpujarra and nature is in its full summer splendour. With a daily two-hour practice of Iyengar yoga and meditation, we want to remind people to dedicate themselves to the body and let the mind rest. To find peace, rest and energy in contact with nature and practice

Das Retreat im Überblick

  • Art:
    Iyengar Yoga, Detox Retreats, Trekking, Digital Detox, Yoga Retreats, Meditation Retreat, Aktivurlaub
  • Datum:
    Fr, 01.07.2022 - So, 10.07.2022
  • Dauer:
    9 Tage
  • Ort:
    • Spanien
  • Unterkunft:
    • Inklusive Übernachtung
  • Verpflegung:
    • Vollpension
  • Leistungen:
    • Overnight stay in a nature park
    • Vegetarian full board & Andalusian dishes
    • Daily, two-hour Iyengar yoga practice
    • Daily two-hour meditation practice
    • A guided hike into the mountains
    • Reception and introduction to the place and the group


The rustic house Casa Momo offers nice accommodation for groups of 5 to 8 people. In a large common room there are two bunk beds with four sleeping possibilities. Room two is equipped with two single beds and room three contains a double bed, well suited for couples. There is also an optional sleeping area in the tower, which can be used if necessary. The yoga and meditation practice will take place in a large, cool communal house or outside in the countryside (as required by the group).


The food is vegetarian and mostly organic. In the morning, a breakfast buffet will be available for all needs, while different dishes will be offered for lunch and dinner. The cook is Andalusian and will surprise us from time to time with typical Andalusian dishes, which are traditionally not purely vegetarian. On the day of the hike we will have a picnic lunch and a meal at home in the evening. Juices, spring water and various teas are available all the time. Meals are planned for the 7 practice days. On the day of arrival and departure, the participants must cater for themselves, although a kitchen is available. Special eating habits must be clarified in advance.


The retreat takes place in a place in the middle of nature that gives you the feeling that time stands still. Just the right thing to focus on the practice of yoga and meditation. With two certified, experienced teachers, we offer two hours of meditation in the morning and two hours of yoga in the evening every day. The courses are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced practitioners. The teachers speak several languages and are therefore ideally suited to accommodate international groups. The location offers the possibility to do the practice both indoors and outdoors, depending on the needs of the group. For further information about the practice please contact me.
Halfway through, we take a break from the practice and alternatively offer a guided day hike into the mountains. The length and difficulty of the hike will be adapted to the needs of the participants. For further information about the practice please contact me.


The location is high up in the mountains, so there is one day to arrive and one day to leave at leisure. Malaga airport is a two-hour drive away. Drive to Orgiva and from there take the switchbacks up into the mountains to Canar, the nearest white village. From there, it is a twenty-minute drive up a dirt road with asphalt curves to the village. If you don't want to rent a car, you can arrange a ride or hire a car service. Alternatively, there are buses (the company is called alsa), but unfortunately they rarely run and only get to Orgiva via Granada or Motril. A car service can and must be organised from Orgiva. It sounds wilder than it is and you are rewarded with an impressive view on arrival.

Cáñar, Andalusien, Spanien Cañar, Granada, Andalusien, 18418, Spanien


Option 1: Rent a car at Malgaa airport
Option 2: Drive Service from Malaga airport to the location
Option 2: Bus to the central bus station in Malaga and then a bus via Motril or Granada to Orgiva
(the company is called alsa). From Orgiva drive Service to the location.
Option 4: We plan carpooling within the group

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