Soul of Sicily – 8 day Yoga and Meditation Retreat 2020

, Italien


Nurture yourself with a full week of harmony and bliss, experiencing the Sicilian way of life. Awaken your body, open your mind and fuel your soul with daily Breath Work, Yoga and Meditation overlooking colorful landscapes. We will immerse in both dynamic and gentle yoga practices, exploring different sequences and poses from simple to advanced, diving deep into the practice. In guided meditations and mindfulness ceremonies we honor the present, reconnect with ourselves and find our true inner center.

Come to meet like-hearted people, eat nourishing locally-grown and home-made vegetarian food, swim in the pool, walk in the hidden oak forest and explore the banks of our “private” river. Our retreat center, a 17th century typical Sicilian Masseria, is the perfect environment for self-renewal and revitalization; an energizing place where you can relax, truly be yourself and deepen your connection with nature.

Experience more than just a vacation - this week in paradise will leave you renewed, feeling balanced and centered from the inside out. All are welcome. Come as you are.

Das Retreat im Überblick

  • Art:
    Yin Yoga, Meditation Retreat, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Retreats
  • Datum:
    Sa, 16.05.2020 - Sa, 23.05.2020
  • Dauer:
    8 Tage
  • Ort:
    • Italien
  • Unterkunft:
    • Inklusive Übernachtung
  • Verpflegung:
    • Vollpension
  • Leistungen:
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bed linen, towels
    • Yoga mats and materials
    • Daily free time to relax, read, walk or swim
    • 1 free day to use for excursions and sportive activities
    • 7 x substantial vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • 3 x special evening mediation / ceremonies (varying techniques)
    • 5 x 90-minute afternoon yoga: deep-work Hatha Yoga workshop, Yin-Yoga, Mediation
    • 6 x 120-minute morning yoga: Meditation, Pranayama and Vinyasa Flow Yoga
    • 1 x evening welcome yoga and meditation session on the day of arrival
    • 7 nights accommodation



1 Person, Shared Double Room, Shared Bathroom
950 € until December 31st, after that 1000 €

1 Person, Shared Double Room, Private Bathroom
1.090 € until December 31st, after that 1.160 €

1 Person, Private Double Room for Single Use, Shared Bathroom
1.310 € until December 31st, after that 1.380 €

1 Person, Private Double Room for Single Use, Private Bathroom
1.420 € until December 31st, after that 1.490 €

2 Persons, Private Double Room, Shared Bathroom
1.650 € (instead of 1.900 €) until December 31st, after that 1.750 € (instead of 2.000 €)

2 Persons, Private Double Room, Private Bathroom
1.860 € (instead of 2.180,00€) until December 31st, after that 1.960 € (instead of 2.320€)

We offer different payment plans on request.

Like a secret escape in the Madonie mountain park, a few miles away from Gangi – “Most beautiful village in Italy” winner in 2014 - and about 40 miles away from the enchanting fishermen village of Cefalù, you find our yoga and meditation center. A 17th century “Masseria”, beautifully renovated, respecting her ancient feudal structure. An impressive 25 hectares park, at 650 meters above the sea level, offers you silence and nature at its best. Explore the secret inner paths, get lost in the labyrinth garden of the 18th century, enjoy the stunning view of the mountains and the valley from the beautiful terrace, take a sunbath or swim in the freshwater swimming pool.

Participants will be hosted in 13 double rooms, distributed between the main building and the lovely garden cottages. The fully equipped 130 sqm yoga room is located in the old barn. Three different lounge areas offer the perfect space to relax and recover. Next to the large Yoga room, two ancient stables are home to our tea room. The first one (70 sq.m.), furnished with cushions, rugs and comfortable sofas, welcomes our guests with herbal teas, juices, fruit and small snacks, during their breaks from exercises. The second room, more intimate (60 sq.m), can be used for meditation and personal practice.  A third lounge, located above the restaurant, is our living room - perfect for a chat after dinner, equipped with WiFi connection, board games, books and magazines.

The cozy restaurant and the stunning 400 sqm terrace overlooking the mountains and the valley will be our place to enjoy our three delicious vegetarian Sicilian meals a day, prepared with the own products of the Masseria, a certified organic farm for 15 years.

Our group will be accommodated exclusively in the main house and the cottages of the Masseria in 13 double rooms. Every room is equipped with double beds, which can be separated or joined together, depending on the needs. Two of the rooms (around 20sq.m each) with private bathroom, are located in the main building, above the Yoga room. A third room with private bathroom is in a cottage in the garden, with its own private patio. The other 10 double rooms, with shared bathroom – one every two rooms – are located in five cottages (around 50 sq.m each) in the garden, all with their own equipped private patio and their own kitchenette. All rooms have heating and air conditioning facilities and are elegantly furnished with antique or Sicilian style furniture.


With its 25 hectares park, its 700 olive trees, the vegetable garden, the orchard and the vineyard, the Masseria is a certified organic farm for 15 years and produces its own extra virgin olive oil, wheat, wine, vegetables and fruit, preserves and jams. Our Sicilian chef will prepare with the locally grown products three vegetarian buffet meals a day based on traditional Sicilian recipes expertly reworked and lightened by him. From oranges to lemons, to basil, mint, capers, wild fennel, saffron, tomatoes and artichokes, everything contributes to create dishes that are unique in taste and nutritional properties.
In addition, we will offer vegan, gluten free and sugar-free options for every need. Herbal teas and fresh juices made from the locally grown medicinal plants and fruits from the Masseria garden will be available throughout the whole day for everyone.


Let´s start our day with herbal tea, coffee and fresh fruit juices. After the first meditation, the breathing exercises and a powerful yoga session in the morning, we spoil ourselves with a substantial and balanced vegetarian breakfast with a large choice of milk, soy milk, homemade yoghurt, Sicilian organic honey, homemade jams, butter, different kind of cereals, fresh baked bread, homemade cakes and pies, fresh and dry fruits. And of course, you will always find a selection of excellent fresh cheese, like the daily made typical Sicilian Ricotta. We eat all together in the cozy restaurant or on the stunning terrace.


As we are in Italy, we should have at least once a day “pasta time”. For lunch, we will introduce you to the taste of traditional Sicilian pasta recipes as Spaghetti alla Carrettiera, Bucatini with broccoli, Penne alla Norma and the extraordinary Parmigiana and Caponata, prepared with the eggplants from the garden. For complementing a balanced nutrition, we will serve soups and various kinds of salads based on locally grown vegetables.


For a satisfying end of the day, we will offer warm dishes like different kinds of homemade vegetable pies, basmati rice flans, seasonal soups and of course healthy Mediterranean inspired pizzas with fresh tomatoes, basil and capers. And of course, you will find a delicious selection of local cheeses, fresh fruits, homemade cakes, juices and herbal teas for the night.


We start every morning with yogic breath work that cleanses the body on the physical and energetic level and awakens our spirits. We then flow through dynamic Vinyasa Yoga sequences that strengthen the body and leave us feel energized and balanced. We build the sequences step-by-step leaning about the alignment that allows the energies in our body to flow freely and release great healing potential.

Every day we focus on a different part of the body, its energy center and the aspects of our live that it relates to, exploring the connection between the body and the mind. In the afternoon we take our practice further in workshops to understand Asana (posture) and their effect on the muscular and endocrine system, but also on emotions and mental wellbeing (Hatha Yoga).

We will indulge in the healing practices of soothing Yin Yoga for deep tissue release and dive deep into guided meditation (Yoga Nidra). In special sittings we meditate with the sunrise and the sunset, surrounded by candlelight or accompanied by the sound of Mantra.


The retreat will take place in Petralia Soprana, Sicily, Italy. Nested in the heart of the Madonie mountain park in the northern part of the island, you will find unspoiled natureand incredible silence. The forest of the Monti Madonie gives a home to the largest amount of different species in the whole Mediterranean region and offers you the chance to be a part of its beauty for a week.

90100, Italien San Giovanni PA, , 90100, Italien


We recommend to fly to the airport of Catania, which is approximately 100 km to the yoga retreat center.
If you come by car from the airport Catania, take the freeway to Palermo (A 19), then take Irosa exit, head to the village of Blufi (follow the directions). Cross the village Trinità-Pianello and from there, head to San Giovanni-Verdi and the signals to San Giovanni Sgardari.
We can also arrange pick-ups from the airport, so let us know your arrival time.

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