Tantra Session

Hamburg, Deutschland


Whether you are new to Tantra or have had previous training course experience, this training is perfect to everyone wants to indulge with their sexual instinct.

Escape from being stuck in thoughts and emotions. Re-centre to find the life force flow from within yourself. Realise and celebrate existing abundant intimacy between yourself and others. It is surely the ultimate skill to learn in this life.

You will learn to use tantric breath methods to meditate on your sexual power and how to unfold it with tantric touch and intimacy work. Satisfy your curiosity about something new, have a taste of your SELF.

Das Retreat im Überblick

  • Art:
    Tantra Yoga, Meditation Retreat, Yoga Retreats, Detox Retreats
  • Datum:
    Ganzjährig verfügbar
  • Dauer:
    3 Tage
  • Ort:
    • Deutschland
  • Unterkunft:
    • nicht inbegriffen
  • Verpflegung:
    • Keine Verpflegung
  • Leistungen:
    • Experience Tantra and experience YOURSELF. We will offer you opprtunities to indulge with the truthful YOU on the three aspects of Tantra: Yoga, Meditation and Intimicy
    • Meditate on your natural instincts and the deepest power - the procreation force - and set yourself free from mind patterns and norms.
    • 2 hour fullbody massage including the lingam or yoni. Note: the course does include intimate touches


For visitors from other cities there are a lot of good and economic hotels or airbnb nearby the location.


We offer drinks and snacks, but lunch or dinner is not included.


In the three hours we will give you the opportunity to use the 3 techniques (meditation, yoga, tantra) to fully engage with the tantric experiences. In all sessions there is the option of showering both before and after the massage.

Possible process:

30 minutes of tantric meditation

2 hours tantric full body massage (including genitals)

30 minutes of individual Tantic techniques and conversation


Hamburg, Deutschland Hamburg, Hamburg, 22767, Deutschland

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