The Great Reset

Sachsen, Deutschland


You experience and learn

to change and increase your energy understand and apply the power of intention go into concentration without thinking increase your consciousness to release emotions that hold you back to return to your natural state of being feel deep connection with your self understanding who you are and what you are not to stay relaxed in stressful situations influence the level of different hormones like dopamine and nor adrenaline activate your para sympathetic nerve system.

Participation requirements
you want a change in your life and move away from stress, panic attacks , anxiety and depression physical exercises and ice baths with group with room for personal fine tuning in case of illness or medicines , check your doctor ( participation ice baths and intense breasting) disclosure : participation is your own responsibility and for your own risk, we do not accept any liability
10 persons max.

-Explanation and science
-Setting the intention
-different breathing exercises
-changing energy
-physical exercises
-ice baths and cold water exposure
-warm sauna
-speak from the heart
-forest walk

Das Retreat im Überblick

  • Art:
    Atemtechniken, Trekking, Wellness, Entspannung, Funktionelles Training, Aktivurlaub
  • Datum:
    Fr, 07.10.2022 - So, 09.10.2022
  • Dauer:
    3 Tage
  • Ort:
    • Deutschland
  • Unterkunft:
    • Inklusive Übernachtung
  • Verpflegung:
    • Vollpension
  • Leistungen:
    • 2 x Nights / 3 Days
    • 2 x Breakfast
    • 2 x Light Lunch
    • 2 x Dinner
    • Wellness entry every day
    • Program with Marcel


01776 Neuhermsdorf, Deutschland Neuhermsdorf, Sachsen, 01776, Deutschland

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