Yogic Living Retreat

, Schweden


‘Yogic Life’ in Divinya offers the unique opportunity to make a profound living experience among the yogic community of Divinya. In so many people the understanding grows that Yoga is much more than just a mere asana practice. ‘Yogic Life’ answers the thirst of people who wish to understand Yoga on a deeper level and imbibe it into our everyday living. It is an opportunity to explore what it means to live a yogic life – a life in harmony with oneself, each other and nature.

Yoga in Divinya is not understood as some exotic practice but as a way of life. Divinya’s yogic community thrives to integrate Yoga into all thoughts, words, and actions, making it into a lived reality of every moment.
The beauty of joining the community for a ‘Yogic Life’ experience is that it helps one to understand the essence of Yoga and to dissolve one’s need for performing and becoming. This dissolving of oneself brings union with life – that is the path of Yoga.
In Divinya, we recognize Yoga first and foremost as a spiritual path to rediscovering our true Selves. Therefore, ‘Yogic Life’ is ultimately about igniting a journey of self-transformation. Together with the community, participants deeply inquire into the questions ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is the meaning of life, and how can I bring union between me and this life?’ This union is called Yoga. We ask ourselves, ‘Is it about becoming ‘somebody’ and performing better in life, or is it about dissolving the performer?’

​‘Yogic Life’ takes place in Divinya – home of a yogic community and a sanctuary of contemplation, awareness and personal transformation.
Participants receive the unique opportunity to directly experience a reference of a yogic way of life in practice by living with the community for one month.
Participants will live and serve alongside like-minded spiritual seekers who have been living the yogic life for decades.
This is the greatest gift you can experience in Divinya: to live with people who explore the yogic values.

"The goal of spirituality is the state of ‘non-practicing – just living’. In that 'just living' nothing exists separately as spirituality, because that in itself is spiritual. We pray for 30 minutes, we do Yoga for 30 minutes or we chant or meditate for 30 minutes. But what about the rest of the time? We have to learn living meditation. Meditation is not a separate practice but a way of being. My way of needing to be meditative. The way I talk with you must be through prayer. The way I sing is chanting the glory of life. The way I walk needs to be dancing. The way I sleep needs to be creative. Life is complete. Life is beautiful. Take this one great opportunity – in this human body, in this beautiful planet, in this way – as a great possibility to liberate yourself.”
– Guruji Sri Vast

During their stay in Divinya, Yogic Life participants are exposed to a complete yogic environment and actively take part in all areas of the community life, including morning meditations, yoga classes, devotional gatherings, sacred music, karma yoga (selfless service), study circles, Satsang and much more.
During karma yoga, participants join in all the different community projects and engagements, such as organic farming, ecological building and maintaining the center.
Optional Healing Programs: Divinya’s Healing Center offers a holistic healing program called 'The Divine Body'. The personalized processes are designed to liberate oneself from the inherent past imprints, traumas, and emotional blockages and bondages, which hold one's vital life energy.
The programs are provided on request and are charged separately.

Das Retreat im Überblick

  • Art:
    Auszeit im Kloster, Visionssuche, Detox Retreats, Meditation, Stille Retreat, Bewusstsein, Seele, Sinne & Geist, Natur, Body & Mind, Vipassana Yoga, Selbstfindung, Achtsamkeit, Yoga Retreats
  • Dauer:
    28 Tage
  • Ort:
    • Schweden
  • Unterkunft:
    • Inklusive Übernachtung
  • Verpflegung:
    • Vollpension
  • Leistungen:
    • Morning meditations
    • Days full of Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga
    • Yoga classes
    • Singing & Chanting
    • Community participation in permaculture gardening, eco-building, etc
    • Spiritual guidance
    • Devotional gatherings
    • 28 nights accommodation in tents or rooms (single or shared)
    • 3 vegetarian, healthy, sattvic meals


Divinya offers comfortable double & single rooms. In the summer months Divinya offers comfortable accommodation in spacious Double Delux tents with beds mattresses, duvets and bed sheets.

Double Room: 2250 Euro (all inclusive)
Single Room: 3500 Euro (all inclusive)

To support your inner journey we recommend to switch off your mobile phone during your stay. Divinya offers various nature trails and river walks. Let yourself be touched by the serene landscapes of Divinya with its old oak forests, fields and meadows, lakes and rivers, gardens and parks. Note: Alcohol, smoking, and drug use are strictly prohibited in Divinya.


Divinya provides a healthy, vegan-vegetarian diet. 3 meals a day are served. Many of the fruits and vegetables come directly from Divinya’s permaculture garden and ecological fruit orchards. Meals are taken in silence. During the day and in the evening snacks and tea are being served.
Vegan and gluten-free diets are possible.


How your days will look like in Divinya

Morning Meditation
The daily schedule in Divinya is tuned to the rhythm of nature and energizes and activates the body. We start the day together with the rising sun and the singing birds with a beautiful, guided Morning Meditation.

The practical Yoga classes in the morning wake up and energize the body. We practice Hatha Yoga and Inner Yoga. Inner Yoga explores the dormant wisdom within and liberates body, mind, and senses from inherent imprints.

Introduction to the Yogic Life
During the first week there is an Introductory Course in Divinya’s philosophy and core values, focusing on a different topic each day. Every day of the program members of the community take some time to meet and explain a little bit about the yogic way of life in Divinya.

Karma Yoga
During your stay you are fully integrated in the community life and all the daily activities and community projects. After lunch you are invited to join the seva activities (selfless service) for around 3 hours, engaging in group activities such as organic farming, ecological building, park maintenance, cleaning and maintaining the premises etc.

Natural Healing
Divinya’s Healing Center offers a holistic healing program called Divya Deha – The Divine Body. The Divya Deha approach is to honor each individual body, mind and soul. The personalized processes are designed to liberate oneself from the inherent past imprints, traumas, and emotional blockages and bondages, which hold one's vital life energy. Divya Deha processes help to explore one's highest potential in this life.
The sessions are provided on request and are charged separately.

Coming to Divinya offers the invaluable opportunity to attend Satsang (“being with the truth”) with the living Master Guruji Sri Vast. Everybody may ask questions during a Satsang for guidance and support for their personal transformation and their quest for a deeper understanding of life.

Evening Program
In the evenings the community gathers for common activities such as devotional singing, watching insightful documentaries and movies, nature walks and silent gatherings, which are a valuable time for self-inquiry.


The program is located within the stunning natural environment of DIVINYA – Center for Evolutionary Consciousness, a living and learning community near Malmö in the South of Sweden. It is a natural sanctuary for people who wish to dive deeply into themselves.

In Divinya, spirituality is a lived reality. Here, a group of people are following their calling for a life in devotion, peace and joyful togetherness. It is a nurturing ground for personal transformation and a space to explore a deeper meaning in life. It is an oasis for the soul to come home and find the peace it has been longing for.
Everyone visiting Divinya enters this unique experience of being part of a global family rather than being a guest.

The site offers spacious concert and yoga halls as well as, 240 hectares of beautiful parks, lakes, meadows, gardens, and ancient forests for outdoor activities.

Eslövs kommun, Provinz Schonen, Schweden Eslöv, , 24192, Schweden


Divinya is located in southern Sweden.
From Copenhagen Airport (CPH), Denmark, there is a direct train (50min) to our nearest train station (Eslöv).
From Malmö Airport there is a bus/train (50 min).
We offer a pick-up service from Eslöv's train station for €25.

We recommend everyone who wishes to come to the retreat to arrive one day before the retreat starts, on Friday, to settle in before the program starts on Saturday.

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