Healing Journey - The Power of Connection & Nature | Cinque Terre | Italy | 6 days

Deiva Marina, Italien
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A Discovery Journey diving into our Conditionings, Feelings, Emotions and Beliefs to feel alive again and reconnect with our Body, True Nature & Inner Guidance in a Safe Space full of Connection, Trust and Belonging where we communicate and relate differently. We will spend time in nature and will also be stationary in a private area on a camping site for the other activities.

Das Retreat im Überblick

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Natur, Selbstfindung, Resilienztraining, Bewusstsein, Seele, Sinne & Geist, Stille Retreat, Meditation, Achtsamkeit, Aktivurlaub, Adventure, Trekking, Wandern, Kommunikation, Detox Retreats, Kreativurlaub
6 Tage
Deiva Marina, Italien
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Event Facilitation & Guidance


2 daily micro doses of Amanita Muscaria

train tickets

Entrance fee Cinque Terre Sentiero Azzurro


We will stay on a beautiful camping site in a foresty area under trees which we will most probably have completely on our own.

Camping equipment available for rent
Sleeping bag (5 days): 8 euros
Iso mat (5 days): 8 euros
Tent (5 days): 15 euros


Please bring some food for the first day. There will be the opportunity to buy food in a nearby convenience store. For dinner we will usually go to a restaurant.


Theme & Topic


The essence of our longing is connection—to ourselves, to others, and to the Source. By embracing humility, curiosity, and compassion, we can nurture genuine connections, recognizing and validating others without seeking to change them. Yet, many times, our interactions are driven by our own fears and insecurities, leading to selfish behavior and unintentional disconnection. Reconnecting with our emotions and bodies allows us to break free from this cycle, fostering the genuine connections we desire, rooted in love, inner abundance, and unconditional giving.


Nature is the place where our nervous systems can naturally calm down. After spending some time out in beautiful spots our minds come to rest. It is the environment where we can feel at ease and be ourselves. Nature doesn't have any expectations and accepts us the way we are. Therefore it is the ideal setting for the purpose of this event.

The Spirit of the "Healing Journey"

The Spirit we want to give life to on this retreat is to allow a safe space to happen where trust, vulnerability and honesty can arise so that we feel completely held and safe in the group. Like that our nervous system can calm down and start its "Healing Journey" on its own. Our defence, coping and survival mechanisms can come to rest and our true nature and everything we needed to suppress can surface and show itself and is met with understanding, curiosity, kindness, respect and compassion and is welcome, acknowledged and validated without wanting to change anything about it. A space where we can safely be ourselves without anybody trying to change us or make unhelpful comments. An environment we all long for and might not have experienced ever.

All the suffering and misery we create in the world is because in our early days we needed to suppress our feelings and parts of our personality because they were not welcome and our environment didn't know how to deal with them. In that process we also suppressed our aliveness and started functioning and coping with our inner distress. And then we allowed the outside world to lure us into the belief that we can substitute the connection to those feeling and personality parts and fill our inner void thus created with consumption, success, money, power, fame, distraction, entertainment, relationships, having fun, sex and all  kinds of addictions which leads to all the conflicts, wars and destruction we see in the world because it is never enough.

We disconnected from ourselves, our true nature, our inner guidance and also from our gifts and talents and are looking for a substitute in the outside world. The Spirit of this event is to offer the possibility to reconnect to those feelings and personality parts so that we can stop the search in the outside world.

Mindset & Attitude

It is very helpful to embark on this Discovery Journey with a clear intention and the willingness to try to be as open, vulnerable and honest as possible because that by itself is pure magic and creates a great opening. To visualize the whole event as a magical world where miracles can happen and to be open for all possibilities. The belief by itself can move mountains. It is also helpful to let go of all expectations because when we are focussed on a specific outcome we might overlook the presents the Universe has in store for us which might not be what we want but what we need.

What we will do

We will spend 6 days full of Connection, Light-heartedness, Ease, Adventure and Magic in the Cinque Terre area in Liguria, Italy. We will be walking in beautiful spots in nature which includes visiting the 5 Cinque Terre villages, do different kinds of activities to build trust and connection among all the participants so that the whole event can become a life changing experience. We will prepare the soil to be fertile ground for the seeds we want to plant. We will practice how to communicate and meet the vulnerability, honesty and openness of the others with understanding, humility, curiosity and compassion so that everybody can feel safe and sure that the groups reactions are helpful and supportive. Every participant will get to know every other participant to be really sure about their attitude towards each other and also the possible triggers. Especially the triggers have an enormous healing potential if they are treated self-responsibly without accusing and blaming. There will be spaces for vulnerability, honesty and challenges to leave our comfort zone but all activities are voluntary and everybody is invited to care for themselves. We will embark on a discovery journey into the mysterious realm of our conditionings, feelings, emotions and beliefs.

Amanita Muscaria

Amanita Muscaria is the Fly Agaric Mushroom. Yes the red one with the white dots. It has been said to be highly poisonous but that couldn't be further from the truth. It has very beneficial qualities like: Reconnecting our neural networks, reducing the influence of the reptilian brain (brain stem) by 25 and therefore reducing fear, fight, flight and freeze. It is also very useful in cases of stress and depression and can bring great relief. It is supposed to be taken as a micro dose of 0,3 gram every morning and evening. It has no tripping effect in such a small portion.


Please try to bring some food for the first day. There will be the opportunity to buy food in a nearby convenience store. For dinner we will usually go to a restaurant.


Please get in touch if you'd like to join my car for price and about pick up possibility. If you arrive by public transport you will need a seat in a car to get to Cinque Terre after the activities.


Duration 6 days
Arrival Thursday 28.03.2024 at the camping site
Departure Tuesday 02.04.2024 from the camping site
Meeting point Camping site
Target group Adults
Participants Max. 16
Event fee 499 euros, Please get in touch if you need to keep track of your finances for a discount!
Accommodation Camping site
Event facilitation        Oliver
Places to visit Cinque Terre
Activities Nature Experience, activities to create connection, compassionate listening, circling

● Event Facilitation and Guidance
● Accommodation
● An optional micro dose of 0,3 grams of Amanita Muscaria in the morning and the evening
● Train tickets for transport between the Cinque Terre villages


Thursday, March 28, 2024

We will meet at the camping site from 19:00. There will be no program apart from arriving and accommodating ourselves.

Friday, March 29, 2024 - Monday, April 1, 2024

Different activities at the camping site and visit to the Cinque Terre area with walks up to 10 km per day.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

End Circle and departure
1. Packing our stuff
2. End circle
3. Departure back home


We will meet at the camping site.

, 19013 Deiva Marina, Ligurien, Italien


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